Our Wines

Red Wines

Loulou – Domaine Mas Baux – PGI Côtes Catalanes. 31€
Syrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache
An easy to drink, thirst-quenching wine, with fine tannins and outstanding persistence.

Reptilia – Domaine Les Salicaires – Vin de France « Biodynamic ». 40€
100% Mourvèdre
A fleshy and gourmet wine with hints of pepper, plums, fresh cherries, and berries.

Black Grenache – Maison Albera – PGI Côtes Catalanes. 25€
100% Black Grenache
A gourmet, smooth and deep wine.

La Clape – Château l’Hospitalet – PDO La Clape (Bio). 68€
Syrah, Grenache, Mourvédre
Silky and fine tannins enhance the fruity freshness of this wine.

Bossa Nova – La Nouvelle Donne – Vin de France « Biodynamic » 34€
Wilfried Vallat, the oenologist of la Nouvelle Donne, sublimates the most prestigious Roussillon grape variety with this blending of 2016 and 2021 Carignan wines grown on slaty soils. Its silky tannins reveal both its depth and complexity.

Serre Petite 2021 – Cuvons Lajoie – PIG Côtes Catalanes. 52€
Grenache, Carignan
Its fresh mulberry and garrigue fragrances are due to the high location of the vineyards. Thanks to a 15 months aging, this wine offers a good suppleness in mouth.

Velours Rouge – Domaine Mas Baux – Côtes du Roussillon. 40€
Grenache, Syrah
A fruity wine with outstanding persistence, wide and round in mouth, slightly sweet with smooth and tight tannins.

Big Gilou – Domaine Gilles Trouiller – Vin de France. « Biodynamic » 33€
Black Grenache
We love this black, just brewed, clear, slightly spicy, and lively juice !

Le Double Passage – Domaine Lafage – PGI Côtes Catalanes. 41€
Grenache, Mourvédre, Cabernet Sauvignon
This wine explodes in mouth, leaving a long, rich, wake of vanilla notes and velvety tannins and revealing a perfect balance

Glass : Domaine des hospices, Artemis: 5€ Domaine Lafage, Nicolas : 6€

Rosé Wines

Rosé des Cimes – Maison Albera – PDO Côtes du Roussillon. 25€
Syrah, Grey Grenache
A thirst-quenching freshness due to delicate berries and blackcurrant notes.

Le Rouge à lèvres – Domaine Mas Baux – PGI Côtes Catalanes – Bio. 29€
Black Grenache noir, Cabernet sauvignon, Mourvèdre
This wine is elegant, fine, fresh, and smooth with delicious white peach final notes.

Gallica – Domaine Lafage – PDO Côtes du Roussillon. 32€
Grey Grenache, Black Grenache, Macabeu
A tense, round, mineral persistence, spiced with saline notes which prolong the wake of fragrances, both vertically and in depth.

Muse – Les gragnottes – Languedoc « Biodynamic ». 27€
With its pomelo pink colour, this Syrah Rosé introduces you to intense and gourmet flavours of smashed strawberries combined with grilled hazelnuts.

Source of Joy – Gerard Bertrand – PDO Languedoc (Bio). 38€
Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault
An impressive, sophisticated, round, and elegant wine.

Celeste – Mas Talaïa – PDO Côtes du Roussillon. 26€
Syrah, Black Grenache
A fresh taste reminding crackly fruits. A beautiful persistence with a salty touch.

Domaine Ott – Clos Mireille – Côtes de Provence. 52€
Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Rolle
Lemon peels fragrances combine with tangy exotic fruits and iodized notes.

Cuvée Rose et Or – Chateau Minuty – PDO Côtes de Provence. 55€    Magnum (150cl). 110€
Grenache, Cinsault, Rolle.
Sophisticated, fine, and fresh touches revealing some pink pomelo and white peach notes. An exceptional vintage, both gourmet and elegant, which accompanies you from aperitif to dessert.

281 – Chateau Minuty – PDO Côtes de Provence. 85€
Mainly Grenache, Syrah
Elegant, aerial, gastronomic and daring…

Glass : Domaine des hospices, Gaia : 5€     Domaine Lafage, Miraflor : 6€

White Wines

Majas – Domaine Majas – PGI Côtes Catalanes « Biodynamic » 31€
White Carignan, Macabeu
A pale yellow colour, a supple and mineral freshness.

Cine panettone – Clos de l’Oum – Côtes du Roussillon « Biodynamic ». 45€
Grey Grenache, grey Carignan
A delicate, mineral, surprisingly tangy wine, with walnut notes and a good persistence.

Blanc et Or – Chateau Minuty – PGI vin de pays du Var. 55€
Sauvignon, Rolle, Viognier
A both elegant and exuberant wine.

Juliette – Mas Talaïa – Côtes Catalanes. 32€
White and grey Grenache, Macabeu
A fresh, mineral, and saline wine.

Xibalba – Les gragnottes – Languedoc « Biodynamic ». 28€
Black Grenache
A Blanc de noirs wine, both fresh and fruity.

Cosmicus Ampéli – Cuvons lajoie – IGP Côtes Catalanes. 39€
Grey Grenache, Rolle, Macabeu
Fresh fruits notes with touches of peach, citruses, and exotic flowers.

Blanc plume – Domaine Blanc plume – PGI Côtes Catalanes « Bio ». 32€
100% Chardonnay
An original, mineral, and nervous wine.

Terres Nouvelles – La Préceptorie – PDO Côtes du Roussillon. 54€
100% Grey Grenache
A round, long-keeping wine with lots of character, elegance and density, and fragrances of ripe fruits.

Inspiration Minérale – Clos Saint Sébastien – PDO Collioure. 72€
Grey Grenache, White Grenache
A sophisticated, iodized, elegant and subtle wine combining mirabelle with aromatic herbs fragrances.

La Grande cuvée – Domaine Lafage – PDO Côtes du Roussillon. 30€
Grey Grenache, Mourvèdre
An extremely pale, very fruity, light, and lively wine.

Cépage prohibé – Maison Albera – PGI Côtes Catalanes. 25€
100% Vermentino
A tense, thrilling and bright wine.

360 – Mas des Armes – PGI Pays d’Hérault. 124€
Vermentino, Roussane, Sauvignon, Viognier
Thanks to citruses and yellow fruits notes, this wine voluminous and tangy wine perfectly fits with seafood and cheese.

Coume Marie – La Préceptorie – PDO Côte du Roussillon. 36€
Macabeu, Grey Grenache, white Grenache
A sweet texture melting some floral notes with rich fragrances of white flesh fruits.

Olivia – Domaine Christophe Marin – PGI Côtes Catalane « Biodynamic ». 41€
Macabeu, White Carignan, white, and Grey Grenache
With its pale crystalline yellow, this vintage reveals subtle peach, apricot, and citruses notes. A fresh in mouth wine, expressing both a good tension and a great finesse.

Torlit – Les Salicaires – Vin de France « Biodynamic ». 42€
Grey and white Grenache
A pleasant fresh white wine, with a good alcohol balance as well as citrus, apple, and pear notes. No wooden note at all.

Glass : Domaine des hospices, Maïa : 5€ Domaine Lafage, Centenaire : 6€